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literally what it's all about, right here.

Badass Logo small no BG.png
Badass Logo small no BG.png

Who are we?

You saw our bus, love our name, and now want to know how our surf lessons can help you surf or surf better.

Here at Badass Surf School,

we set out to prove that surfing is for people of all types, no matter who they are or where they come from.


We don't just teach you how to surf.

We teach you how to become a surfer.

Let us be your guide through your surf journey.

And for those that want to kick surfing off their bucket list:

we get you on your feet riding waves your first lesson, guaranteed.

Our surf school is driven by our eagerness to keep learning about the ocean, to protect the environment, and if we hadn't said it already, to spread the stoke of this sport onto others.


Why "Badass?"

Because to us, there's no other word to

describe what sharing the surf experience truly is.

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We specialize in all of the following:

lessons of all types: beginner, intermediate, advanced surfers

surf therapy, for those that are differently abled, or need special guidance through healing in the ocean

surf rentals

youth surf camps


surf wellness experiences

large team/corporate events


Why choose Badass Surf School?

I mean, yeah, I guess there are lots of surf lessons out there....

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Most surf schools will get you to stand up your first time surfing. They all say so. And for your typical surf instructor, it’s easy to get someone on their feet. Here at Badass Surf School, we teach you how to actually read & ride a wave, starting from your very first lesson. Reading waves and knowing where to be are the most crucial aspects (it’s really one aspect) of surfing. Fostering the knowledge of the ocean is how you truly develop the ability to become a real surfer. 


That being said, if surfing is something you want to kick off the bucket list or to do on vacation with friends or family, no one on our team right now has taught this sport for less than 5 years. Our focus is getting you to surf not just anywhere on the wave, but on the best, most fun part of the wave. It's about quality and quantity.

Our Philosophies

We are 100% the only surf school that custom-makes their boards (made in California) specifically for optimal learning as a beginner. We say “most” because we use other more typical boards too,

in case you’re used to riding something more standard. We also carry fiberglass boards for intermediate and advanced surfers.


Most surf schools teach on Costco Wavestorms, which are cheaper and much harder to learn on. They’re not as wide as other foam boards, and have very little rocker/shape to them. Nothing against them, we just want you to learn better! Ask your school what kind of boards they use before booking your lesson.

We also have hard-top boards for rent! Non-soft-top rentals around California are few and far between. We want to encourage students to try their skills on boards with some legitimate shape. 

Our Surfboards
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Our Wetsuits
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Unlike other surf schools, we don’t put our used suits in the sun to dry. Unfortunately, we've seen it become a common practice over the years. Sunlight damages neoprene! We soak, rinse, sanitize, then dehumidify each suit after every single lesson. We know that using (and caring for) quality, sustainable suits that fit right is paramount to staying warm in the Pacific.

Branching off sustainability, as surf teachers, a core element of our purpose is a desire to protect the planet. One way to do that is by taking care of the suits we already own. By keeping them out of the elements when they're clean and dry, we're not only prolonging their shelf life, but we can also use recycled neoprene for brand "new" wetsuits!

Each one of our instructors is CPR and First Aid certified. With the American Red Cross, certification is good for two years at a time.

At Badass Surf School, we test our instructors monthly during peak seasons so that certification always stays fresh.


We also love to hire surfers with a lifeguarding background, which means our instructors not only possess their certification, but many have used their skills guarding beachgoers in real life practice.

Our work with middle and high school surf programs

ensures safety is always our #1 priority!

Best of all, we are a legal, permitted surf school in the city of LA!

A Devotion to Safety
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Badass Logo small no BG.png

We love this photo; one of our favorites we've ever captured during a lesson. Five Hasidic Jewish people watching in awe at the surfers in the water. Surfing is a mystical, magical sport for people who have never done it. This one is special. To us, that's what surfing is all about, perhaps the most vital message we want to send out to people from our school:

Surfing is for EVERYONE!

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