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private surf lessons

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we teach you to do literally this

Who Should Take Surf Lessons?

Badass Surf School takes pride in being able to teach surf lessons to all types of people, including + not limited to:

Children between ages 4-17 (even differently abled)

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This age group is typically introduced to the water by learning to swim at the pool. Like learning a new language, surf lessons will get our youth most efficiently comfortable in the ocean at this age. We even teach those with unique needs!

Kids or adults who have NEVER surfed. Families included!


This one may seem obvious, but many are surprised when they, upon booking, hoping they can get up their first time. EVERY PERSON surfs waves their first lesson with the Badass Surf crew.

People from any culture or background


Our surf lessons are for all types of people, regardless of physical or cognitive ability

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If you put 30 surfers in a room that same number of years ago, without surf lessons, they'd likely fit the mold of the classic "surfer" stereotype. Nowadays, because surfing has become so mainstream, those 30 surfers will be a wildly diverse group. We strive with our surf lessons to push that diversity beyond its limits.


Surf lessons are for all people. These days, surfing a sport that truly brings us together, because if you can do it, you're a big part.


Current surfers who want to improve

We are the only Los Angeles surf school outside of Malibu that teaches surf lessons at the competitive level. That includes Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan, and all of the South Bay!

This means that regardless of what level you're at, our surf lessons will help you surf better than before.

All our instructors are certified and trained to add our philosophies to their own style of teaching surf lessons. The BASS goal is for surf lessons to welcome and guide you into the surf community.


Book your surf lesson and see what we're all about!​​

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BASS Surf Lessons

Price Guide

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# of surfers







one lesson

three lessons

four lessons

Single private lessons start at $175 for the first person, then $100 for each additional surfer.






you get the idea











call to book

call to book

Want surf lesson footage to study, memories to keep, or sweet stuff to post?

If you're really serious about learning to surf, we also have options for Surf Lesson Packages in multiples of 3 or 4.

Professional Photos: $120
Prof. Photos + Video: $165

Go-Pro footage: $75

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3:1 Surfer-Instructor Ratios

purchase at once, save, and schedule later.


We use as many instructors as necessary, sometimes even 1:1 or 2:1. You may pay for additional instructors if you'd like, but if we deem them necessary for your group, then they will always be provided.

we prefer to teach a safe & productive lesson; if you book with a large group, we will always have the necessary amount of instructors. Corporate groups, birthday parties, and non-profit events come to mind for these types of lessons.

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