Surf Lesson Info!

here you'll find all the details you need for your group surf lessons


one of our favorite regular groups of ucla grad students. Group Lessons are great for students, companies, parties, non-profits, Vacationers, literally any organization!

Group Surf Lessons

Your own parties of 5+ people

  • 2 hour lesson

  • all gear included

board, leash, full wetsuit

$135 & below

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  • equipment is specifically chosen and tailored for all our students

  • surf instructors all certified by the American Red Cross

    • ​​(we provide as many instructors as necessary)

  • 3:1 student/instructor ratio! Beware of surf schools that only say this!

  • we are permitted by LA county! 

  • lessons during all daylight hours

  • the price of 1 lb of fish is donated to the Marine Animal Rescue with every lesson we book!

ask your other surf school about this one!

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Our Beginner Surf Lesson, In Depth

(read especially if you’re new!)

(editor's note: this guide is the same you will read on our beginner surf lesson page. Essentially, the lesson is the same.

In addition to this info, we'd like to point out the importance of understanding that some surf schools honestly don't follow through with their 3/1 ratios despite what they claim. This is dangerous and a poor example to prospective surfers. We love to be transparent, so we promise that will never happen when booking group lessons with our school.)


This is a general guide on what will happen during your two-hour beginner surf lesson. Each lesson is subjective; the things you read here may be changed or customized by your instructor in order to get the very best out of you, the surfer!


Approximately 30 minutes is spent on the sand during a two-hour badass surf lesson. The time on the sand is crucial for learning wave basics, how to paddle out, and to develop a proper pop-up. A one-hour lesson will cut that time down to 15 minutes or less.


Our two-hour lesson is best for anyone that either hasn’t surfed before, or has only surfed a couple of times. If you have any doubt about your ability, book one and let us work our magic!


The two-hour lesson also works best for a more seasoned surfer that either might only need a few pointers, or for surfer that is having trouble with something specific, such as with their turns or wave selection.


And the best part: every person gets up and surfs their first lesson.


The Beach Demo


This is (approximately) the first 30 minutes of your lesson. Here are the things we go over during this portion.


1. The Conditions + Warm-Up


You will be guided through how the conditions currently are for your lesson that day and time. Your instructor will summarize the good and the bad, and the plan for where you’ll be in the lineup and what kinds of waves you’ll be catching. We also begin to warm up and stretch during this portion.


2. How to Read a Wave


Your instructor will point out and demonstrate how to not only choose the right wave to surf, but where and when to be in the right place for the waves that day. There are many aspects to finding the right wave, which can be found and read about RIGHT HERE. Knowing where to be is the hardest part of surfing! Within the first 5 minutes of your lesson, you’ll have an idea about what to look for in the water when surfing on your own.


3. The Paddle-Out


Each surfer starts their session by paddling out, starting from the shore line where the ocean meets the sand, into the “lineup” where most surfers sit out. Your instructor will guide you on how to get out there by teaching our five-step process we’ve mastered over our ten years of teaching surf lessons.


Our five-step process works in chronological order, from standing on the beach to paddling out into the lineup. These steps teach you proper positioning your surfboard, how to distribute your body weight, proper paddling, and the push-up technique. It sounds like a lot, but we promise we make it easy!


4. The Pop-Up


This is why we’re all here: getting up! This is when your instructor will teach you how to stand up on your surfboard. But don’t forget, it’s not about getting up, it’s about staying up and actually riding a wave. Your instructor will dive into the pop-up with a detailed demonstration, providing you with any adjustments via coaching.


We provide more on how to fix or fine-tune your pop-up HERE, but if you’ve never done it before, come let one of our instructors show you how it’s done.


5. Additional Safety


They don’t call surfing an extreme sport for nothing! Once you’ve mastered your pop-up on the sand, your instructor will touch on a few extra things to make sure you’re keeping your focus right and your body safe while you’re in the water catching and riding waves.




After the beach demo, it’s time to get in the water! You’ll spend the remaining 90 minutes catching waves with your instructor. Your instructor usually won’t have a board, but if you can really hone your skills, there’s a chance your instructor can grab a board and guide you toward catching bigger, faster, and more badass waves. The best kinds of surfers are ones that are fearless, know their limits, and have the most fun. If you’re ready, book your surf lesson and show us whatcha got!