the Surf better experience!

here you'll find all the details you need for your experience about improving and elongating your surfing


The Surf Better Experience

$800 per person

  • 6-hour experience

includes all gear and transportation (upon arrival)

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see what becoming a better surfer takes through our process

  • guided + given by professional instructors and muscle + wellness experts

  • all-inclusive, so show up and don't worry about a thing

    • ​​(we can add more instructors, massage therapists if you wish!)

  • you will board, do vinyasa yoga, and receive top-tier stretching and massaging 

  • you will develop great surf habits on this experience, whether you already surf or not!

  • compare this to any experience on Airbnb, tripadvisor, etc. We're the only one that exists!

ask about adding a Sandboarding lesson, go-pro footage, or professional photos or videos!

Our Surf Better Experience, In Depth


A favorite of surfers and those ready to try it, the 6-hour adventure retreat-type experience is intended for individuals that want to step up their surf understanding, and use our program to create or enhance their own surf health + wellness routines and skills.


The program starts you off with a beginner or intermediate surf lesson, whichever is right for you. After your lesson, when you come to a better understanding about yourself as a surfer, that's when you head to the Sanctuary for more. After welcome + replenishment, a Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga class will reset and restore your body. Your yoga session is followed by a Breathwork session in our cold plunge made of Japanese cedar, then finally your cool-down massage targeting surf muscles. This Deep Tissue massage to end it is session designed to release tension from surfing related muscle & flexor tightness.


From the surfing to the flow and the fire of the breath, this experience is intended to educate you about your stress management and longevity, in and out of the water.

The program is designed to offer the most immersive experience to the SoCal lifestyle for those most interested in their longevity, whether it's for surfing, other sports, or daily life. Exactly for those that love challenges and that wish to develop great habits. You'll be fed throughout with nutritional snacks, juices, and more, and all our food is completely organic. And like we said, we got you on all the transportation, starting right when you show up.


Wanna know what you're burning on this experience? Total Calories: 1200/1500


And we can't forget about the surf lesson! You'll learn so much about what surfing takes by means of ocean education, health and fitness, muscle efficiency, flexibility training, and more.


Then we drop you back off! If you're ready to FEEL what professional surfers do on a daily basis, this experience is for YOU. 

Note: we do our best to provide you with an exact schedule, but these times are estimated based on accomodation needs and what makes the most sense subjectively for your experience.

Start: meet at surf spot, and begin your surf lesson. Equipment provided, you are welcome to bring your own.

~2 hours later: transport to the sanctuary

Upon arrival: welcome, organic snack + cold pressed juice

Then, an hour of yoga under the pavilion

and finally our cold plunge, breath work, and massages all before dropoff.

6 hours total

The EVERYTHING Experience

if you truly want everything described in all our packages, this is the one for you

$1300 per person

  • 10 hour experience. We curate this experience based on your goals and what you want most.

  • still all-inclusive!

    • ​​(we can add more instructors, massage therapists if you wish!)

  • you will surf, try both our cool yin + wildfire yang yoga program, and try either cool or cold plunges 

  • we do breath work and provide full, customized massages!

  • a full home-cooked meal and drinks are provided in this experience! We make sure you're fed! 

  • compare this to any experience on Airbnb, tripadvisor, etc. We're the only one that exists!