Intermediate Surf Lesson Info!

here you'll find all the details you need for your intermediate-level surf lessons


Intermediate Surf Lessons

  • 2 hour lesson

  • own gear recommended

but we've got it if you need it

  • instructor is chosen to fit your exact needs as a surfer

  • focus on hand and hip direction, ability to "hit the grid," fine tweaks to the body, reading waves (this like x100), swell science, developing advanced habits

  • surf instructors all certified by the American Red Cross

    • ​​(we provide as many instructors as necessary)

  • we are permitted by LA county! 

  • lessons during all daylight hours

  • the price of 1 lb of fish is donated to the Marine Animal Rescue with every lesson we book!


ask your other surf school about this one!

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1 surfer: $175
then $100 per each additonal surfer

add Go-Pro footage, professional photography, videography, video coaching + more at checkout!

Extra Details About Intermediate Lessons


Once you can consistently catch waves, there is a lot as a surfer to celebrate. Catching the wave is one thing, catching many waves is another, and then doing it every single time you’re out is a feat. By this point, you have probably found the stoke that most surfers are addicted to. That’s good news! But the best has yet to come. You were just unlocking the potential of how much fun surfing truly is.


Beginner lessons adhere to some the most fundamental surfing concepts, such as the pop-up, proper paddling, and how to spot the best sections of the waves. Obviously (hopefully), beginner lessons are not limited to the concepts we listed. There are many more of them you can find on our how-to’s. We always make sure, though, to start teaching how to read waves for all our beginners, so that you are already ahead of the curve once you hit the intermediate level.


If you notice, most beginner surf lesson concepts involve catching waves, specifically any waves that you can. Intermediate lessons will go beyond that and teach you how to be choosy and to catch the BEST waves.


New intermediate principles include: paddle timing, moving around the surf grid, starting your turns, digging your rail into + following through with your turns, bottom and top turns, advanced wave reading, this list could go on and on and on and on and on. Becoming a great surfer takes so much time in the water, so join us and take the fullest advantage of every minute in the water.


How effective are our intermediate lessons? Just ask Pacifica High in Santa Monica. They went from having a group of mostly beginners to fielding a competitive team for the Scholastic Surf Series in the span of a full calendar year. If that doesn't tell you what kind of work our lessons will do for you as a surfer, what will?!

Intermediate surf lessons are probably most everyday surf instructors’ favorites to teach, because they usually get to surf too (haha!). Most intermediate surfers have their own equipment, but don’t worry, we are always happy to provide that for you just in case you need it!